Tuesday, October 4, 2011

To Blog Or Not To Blog

            On more than one occasion over the course of my life, I have succumbed to keeping a handwritten diary or journal.  These times have always been in conjunction with a class or self-help course I was engaged in.  And always, in the matter of a few days, I felt like that unprepared third grader trying to spin out the paltry available verbiage to the required number of pages by making the margins wider and wider.
            This said, I think you can appreciate my confused feelings about blogging.  Am I supposed to confess my inner most dreams?  Publish a record of my day (or maybe week)?  Or use the blog as a forum to rant on whatever life incident that twisted my knickers on that particular day?
            The strange thing is I can think of any number of things NOT to blog about.  Religion and politics are at the top of the list—that covers a multitude of topics!  
            And, assuming I figure out the answer to those questions, who is it I’m writing for? 


  1. blog away girlie, you did the hardest part already!

  2. Just remember that the internet is NOT the place for your most private thoughts or recollections. While they may excite some, they may come back to haunt you in the future. The internet is for 'sharing,' so if that is your intent, blog away. Save your secrets for your closest friends, mouth to ear only.