Sunday, October 9, 2011

There Really are Ogres in Fairytales

I’ve always believed in the fairytale.  At fifteen, I fell in love with my high school sweetheart, convinced a higher power had chosen him – just for me.  At twenty-two, I married him with an absolute faith in the immortality of our love. 
            However, faith isn’t always enough.  As his career blossomed, his devotion withered.  He was a good man once; but he was weak and easily impressed with himself.
            He climbed from upper-middle management in a large corporation to vice president of manufacturing in a tiny one.  And he swelled with his own self-importance.  Later, he returned to a large corporation, and while no longer a VP, he managed a number of facilities in poor countries.  The old saying is true: Power corrupts.
            He believed all those press releases; and became a ‘legend in his own mind’.  I still remember when he had a soul – when he had values and wanted to do good works. 
            But somewhere, he forgot.

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