Saturday, October 22, 2011

Staying the Course

Well, the submission query has been sent in, and if it’s not immediately rejected, I’ve got six to twelve weeks of nail biting in front of me.  Luckily, the annual holiday insanity will help fill up the time.  I’ve taken a day off – and just did nothing, so now I have to get back on track. 
The problem is that nagging negative voice inside me.  You know the one.  We all have it.  Edgar Allen Poe referred to it as ‘the imp of perverse’.  This insidious creature perches on your shoulder, leaning close and whispering in your ear; reminding you of all those secret fears and insecurities.
My little devil is pointing out the futility of believing I’ll get these books published, so why waste even more time and energy on writing.  It’s time to leave ‘lala land’ and re-enter reality.  Trouble is, I’ve been to reality; and personally, I think it’s highly over-rated. 
However, I also have an oven I’m kind of afraid of roasting an innocent turkey in it for Thanksgiving.  Let’s just say that if Gordon Ramsey showed up, I’m pretty sure he’d shut my kitchen down based on the condition of the oven alone.  There’s a pile of mending and a couple of things cut out in the sewing room, waiting patiently. 
And, then there’s the laundry.  I’ve put off doing it for a while now.  After all, I do live in a desert; and I want to be sure I have a full load.  But, the truth is, that ship sailed a month ago. 
So, should I spend a little time in ‘the real world’?  Or, continue with my dream?  I think I’ll stay the course . . .

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  1. Only one day off?

    Congrats on submitting your manuscript. I hope they see what I do--a very talented writer. Good luck, Jordan.