Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sometimes the Simple Things Work Best

            Do you know the most valuable lesson I ever learned - way back in grade school?  Before you do anything - stop, take your time and read the instructions all the way through.  No matter how easy that first or second question might be - don’t  answer it.  Take a deep breath, read the all directions and then take another few seconds to process them.
            Think about it.  How many times would a task - like building a computer desk or assembling a bicycle - have gone more smoothly, with less angst and swearing, if we’d just read direction?
            I even had a college professor who tried to drum that idea into our thick heads for an entire quarter.  And if only more of us had listened - because at the end of the directions at the beginning of an exam several pages long said, ‘Go to the last question on the last page.’
            When you turned to that question, it said ‘If you’ve read the instructions, you don’t need to take the exam.  Enjoy your weekend.’
So often, we’d all save so much time and energy in our lives – if we just followed those simple instructions.

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