Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Taking the leap . . .

           Well, once again I’ve swallowed hard, set myself up for rejection and sent out a query to a publisher.  I know, every writer gets rejected.  We need to expect it, because it comes with the ‘job’. 
            I’ve been working on this submission for at least three weeks.  I’ve gone over the guidelines – and fulfilled every requirement.  I read everything through at least three times again this morning.  And still, it took real effort to hit that ‘send’ button.
            It’s sent now, winging it's way thorugh cyber-space.  All I can do is go back to working on the next project, hope for the best and wait.  The irony is that the title of the novel is Leap of Faith and that's exactly what I've done.
            Well, I've taken my leap.  Maybe this will be the right time, the right publisher and the right novel!  But whatever happens, I’ll just keep trying.

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