Monday, October 10, 2011

The Healing Power of Writing

            I believe in ‘HEA’ – Happily Ever After’.     When my fairytale life came crashing down around me, I began writing to feed my dream, to keep me sane and give me hope.
            I was never ‘physically abused’; and I’m sure that to be in such a relationship is awful – that someone thinks that they can beat you would be horrible.  However, at least black eyes and broken bones are visible proof of abuse.
            Being unappreciated is difficult – being constantly belittled demoralizing. To have the person you love – the person, who should be your biggest supporter – look through you, as if you didn’t exist, is disheartening. 
It is even more insidious because there are no visible signs – no black eyes or broken bones.  There are nothing, but accusations of mental instability, of imaginary wrongs and paranoia.  And the invisibility of the abuse is excruciating.
So I began to write to heal myself . . . to reinstate my Happily Ever After Life!

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  1. Writing has many benefits . I use it to organise my thoughts and to sought out the worries of the day. That's journal writing.

    Novel writing is an adventure. who will I meet in my stories and which path will they take.

    Mostly my writig is just for me.